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Positive impact 

Sustainable returns

Founded on the benefits of sharing and collaboration, where working together we can achieve more impact.

A masterful balance of meeting our own needs without jeopardising future generations

We are an international network with the primary goal of raising awareness of impact investing through supporting social entrepreneurs. We believe, as our name suggests, that it is possible to generate positive impact plus sustainable commercial returns and the two are not mutually exclusive. Our network was created to facilitate this belief; to provide all contributors with an accessible resource focussed on Impact.

Areas of Impact

Sectors we focus on

Renewable Energy

Renewable power is thriving, as innovation brings down costs, we are getting ever closer to a clean energy future.


Impact investors are also funding projects that aim to support the growth and advancement of children and young people. The UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to improve and expand access to better education.


Impact businesses are shaping the future of healthcare and private investors are crucial to their growth.

Sports & Fitness

In line with the UN’s “sustainable development goals”, Sports & Fitness is a crucial area promoting a variety of impact projects.

Sustainable Consumer Products

From recycled fabric for clothing to reusable coffee cups, sustainability is at the core of impact investing.


Investment in next generation technology is a key part of the impact journey. ‘Tech-for-social-good’ is a fast growing area.

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Areas of Contribution

First and foremost we look to invest in the right oppurtunities

Investment Readiness Analysis

Our experienced investment team help  establish your fundraising campaign. We’ll work with you to produce an attractive investment offering, correctly structure your deal and guide you toward a justifiable valuation.


Fundraising and Investment Support

Utilising our partnership with the ENVESTORS network which has facilitated over £100m of investment into over 200 client companies via +4000 investors, including funds, family offices, venture capital firms, and angels, aswell as our own private network of Impact investors we will ensure you get the perfect investor for your business.


Impact Measurement Analysis

We conduct expert Impact Measurement Analysis to maximise the potential impact your business will have whilst maintaining a sustainable business model.


Strategic Partner and Collaboration Opportunities

Our vastly experienced team and ever expanding network allows us to offer advice on potential collaboration opportunities promoting effective relationships and enhancing your business.


Brand and Marketing Strategic Planning

We offer Strategic marketing and branding advice that implements your company’s mission through focused processes to maximise business growth. Identifying your target customers as well of offering strategic planning to drive sales and enhance your business.


Tech Support

We also provide additional tech support for all of your business’ needs. From website design to creating a larger online presence we can deliver to best in tech support.


Visual Realisation Support

After we have helped grow your business we offer advice when it comes to value realisation and/or future exit planning.

Joining the ImpactPlus Network is completely free for Investors

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Like minded & looking to make change

Impact investing can be a powerful instrument of change

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Use the SIGN-UP feature to get exclusive access to all of the ImpactPlus Network investment oppurtunities.


Get Access to All Investment Opportunities on Our Network

Powered by Envestors, our cutting edge software provides you access to an exclusive club with over 4000 active investors.


Complete Investor Support

With our digital investment platform, you can easily find deals according to your interest, whether that’s by sector, stage or company location. We also handle Due Dilligence, review business plans, management teams bios and forecasts.



Pledge investment online and then monitor your portfolio from a single place. Keep track of your companies’ progress through our investor relations section, where you’ll find updates and reports.

Other ways to contribute

Contributors & Affiliates
Whether you an expert looking to provide valuable support or an organisation looking to enhance your Impact efforts, please get in touch to find out how You can Make an Impact
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